DEEZ. Our Clothes, Your Story, One Movement. At DEEZ, we believe in representing your true self. You are who you are for a reason…#ItsNoAccident

We are artists and DEEZ isn’t streetwear, it’s artwear. DEEZ is designed for comfort and everyday use. Be it at home or in the studio, you deserve to feel the best in what you are doing and what you are wearing. DEEZ aims to sell products that are unique and unintimidating. Cutting-edge imagery and sharp graphics that are transformed into stylish, inviting pieces of wearable art for both men and women. Inspired by artist Barbara Krueger, DEEZ is blunt in its wording, geometry, and color blocking. DEEZ is graphic heavy, aiming to be street wear, professional wear, and everything in between.


We are everyday people of all sorts that want to be able to live our lives in the open and not have to hide our true selves by putting on a mask.


We want to help you be you. Can you imagine living your life in freedom without any secrets and getting to express who you truly are without worry?


We can help give you an outlet to express yourself through your life story and through our artwear and brand.


Have you ever had to hide who you really are? Have you ever let your ambitions fall to the wayside in fear of what others may think of you? We want to share your story with our fans and followers- we want to inspire people to be themselves with your story. Tell us what you’ve had to hide from others by sending us a youtube video, or filling out the form below. If we pick you to represent our brand, you’ll get free DEEZ gear, and we’ll market you and your creative endeavors on our website and social media. At DEEZ, we believe in your ability to have the bravery to be yourself. Contact us here to share your story.



What began as a nickname in an earlier life followed owner Lara Dee Phillips and compelled her to incorporate it into her company name. DEEZ is more than a nickname, more than a company moniker… it is a movement fueled by human spirit and the desire to be oneself.

Despite growing up in the art world, she felt she was too much of a “normal” girl to call it her own. As a young adult, she found she couldn’t quite fit in the corporate world either.  9 to 5 shifts hampered her creativity and the art world felt equally cold. Throwing away the conventions and limitations of her past, Lara created DEEZ. Not only was she able to create an identity for herself, but develop a clothing line for those who identify with their own originality.

Lara is determined not only to make a name for herself as an artist, but to give others a way to authentically express themselves through her new brand.